Multiple account owners
What is wrong with my documents for verification?

Verification plays an important role, as Transcrypt follows strict KYC/AML policies in its goal to promote crypto as legal tender. If your verification is rejected you should have received n explanatory email from our compliance department stating reason/reasons for its rejection. Of course, if you require any further assistance you can always contact our support team - they will guide you through the process. 

How long will the verification process take?

Account verification currently takes 3-4 days. You will be notified by e-mail when your account is verified. 

What if my ID does not have an expiration date?

If your ID does not have an expiration date, please select the last date available on our verification page.

I can't login to my account, what do I do?

Please make sure your login and password are correct. Also, please clear the cache and cookies of your browser. If the problem persists - please contact Support and we will conduct a more thorough investigation of this issue.

What additional forms of Proof of Residence do you accept?

None of the following documents can be older than 90 days:

  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Downloadable e-statement utility bill
  • Letter from a governmental department; e.g., tax statement
  • Insurance statement
  • Certified Statement from a Notary Public
  • Rental property agreement

Why I do not receive the confirmation email?
How can I delete my account from
How to Deposit Money to by Wire transfer?
  • You’ve already verified your account
  • You’ve used the correct payment details
  • You’ve sent the money from your personal bank account

Funding your account by wire transfer is simple. But keep in mind that payments must be sent in your name. We can’t accept payments sent from people other than the account owner. If we receive payments from anyone else, we’ll have to transfer them back to the bank account that sent them. Note that bank charges will be applied in such cases, meaning that the bank account holder will receive back less than they initially sent.

How to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency 

In order to deposit cryptocurrency to your Transcrypt account, you need to send your funds from your external wallet to the Transcrypt wallet of corresponding currency. To check your wallet address please go to the Transactions Page and press the “deposit in cryptocurrencies” link. Alternatively you can do it in dashboard by clicking button next to the currency you want to deposit.

In order to withdraw your cryptocurrency from Transcrypt to another wallet, you should proceed to the Transactions page and press the “withdrawal in cryptocurrencies” link. Alternatively you can do it in dashboard by clicking button next to the currency you want to withdraw.

Why is my payment on pending status?
  • BTC - 3 confirmations
  • ETH - 25 confirmations
  • BCH - 12 confirmations
  • DASH - 9 confirmations
  • ZEC - 15 confirmations
  • BTG - 41 confirmations
  • XRP - Immediate
  • XLM - Immediate

Bank transfer: payments can take up to 14 business days to reach our account - the exact time depends on bank processing.


  • Crypto: please allow up to 1 hour (except for cases of unforeseen or unavoidable network issues) for the blockchain to pick up your transaction.
  • Bank transfer: Your withdrawal is being processed by financial officer. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours on business days, but the time can be expanded in case the payment details are incorrect or incomplete, or if the transaction is rejected. In order to avoid delays - please check your payment details with your bank. After the payment is processed by financial agent it will take some time to reach your account - it depends on bank processing.
I've deposited BTC to my account. Why are they not shown?
  • The amount of BTC deposited
  • Link to the transaction on blockchain
  • Time of deposit

This will help us find your transaction.

I accidentally sent BTC to LTC address, are my coins lost?
What trading fees do you charge?
How to fund my TRANSCRYPT account?
  • Login to your TRANSCRYPT account
  • Proceed to OPERATIONS

Choose your preferred deposit method:

  • Account funding in cryptocurrency
  • Account funding in fiat currency

There are three ways to deposit funds to your TRANSCRYPT account in fiat currency:
  • Credit Card deposit – For VISA and Mastercard owners.
  • SEPA deposit – for users within the European SEPA zone.
  • Perfect Money – for users all around the world.


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