Transcrypt is the number one cryptocurrency platform for buying, holding, selling and trading XRP.

What is XRP (XRP)?

The idea behind XRP was to create an exchange and payment network to complement a distributed ledger database. XRP is a private company that hopes to connect banks with digital asset exchanges and payment providers. It launched the Consensus Ledger in 2012 and has since renamed it the XRP Ledger. XRP is the name of its native cryptocurrency, and it’s used as a global bridging currency between numerous fiat currencies.

How to Buy XRP

Buy XRP with Bank Transfer

You’ll first need to buy stablecoins from their providers on Transcrypt by sending them money from your account. So then you can use these stablecoins to purchase your XRP on the Transcrypt exchange.

Trade XRP

Transcrypt allows you to deposit over 150 cryptocurrencies, and many of them can be exchanged for XRP at some of the most attractive market rates around.

Buy XRP with Credit Card

You can directly purchase XRP with a credit card on Transcrypt. We offer the best route to buy XRP using a debit card or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Buy and Sell XRP on the Move

Get the Transcrypt cryptocurrency trading app to buy XRP and sell more than 150 other coins, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Transcrypt: The XRP Platform of Choice


Transcrypt’s matching engine can blitz through 1,400,000 every second without breaking a sweat, which means that your trades will always be processed with world-class speed and reliability.


Transcrypt makes trading crypto simple. You don’t need to be a boffin to buy XRP—just someone who can click a mouse.

Secure & Trusted

Transcrypt is trusted by millions because the multiple-tier and multiple-cluster architecture of our system. We give you the top-class protection you deserve.


No cryptocurrency exchange is more liquid than Transcrypt, and non have higher volumes across multiple cryptocurrency pairs, including the ones that let you buy XRP.

What to Do After I Buy XRP

Store/Hold XRP

It’s easy to hold on to your XRP and tuck it away safely in the Transcrypt Wallet. You’ll find it’s a super-intuitive and super-secure mobile wallet.

Trade XRP

Trade XRP and over 150 other cryptocurrencies with Transcrypt’s outstandingly quick and secure trading platform. Transcrypt gives you a selection of trading pairs for plenty of options with your XRP coins.

Send XRP

XRP’s technology and a network of more than 200 banks, payment providers, and other companies use XRP to receive and send money around the world.

Spend XRP

More and more retailers will let you go shopping with your XRP, so it makes sense to have some.

Donate XRP

A whole host of Transcrypt Charity projects will let you give donations in XRP. These projects help to make positive changes in the lives of millions afflicted by poverty. Donate XRP and let blockchain advantage the disadvantaged.