Video Identification Terms

      Before commencing identification by means of information technology, the customer shall confirm that they:

      - are aware that OÜ TRANSCRYPT undertakes to comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (§ 31) and the Regulation of the Ministry of Finance “Technical Requirements and Procedure for Identification and Data Verification by Information Technology” when establishing identity by means of information technology;

      - have examined the information on the use of information technology tools on the website of OÜ TRANSCRYPT;

      - agree to the conditions for identification and verification by means of information technology;

      - are aware and agree that the identification and verification of data does not oblige OÜ TRANSCRYPT to establish a customer relationship, continue the business relationship or ensure the availability of services. OÜ TRANSCRYPT has the right to choose with whom it creates and continues a customer relationship and with whom it does not. The general grounds for refusing or terminating the customer relationship are set out in the general terms and conditions of services.

      - agree to the processing and storage of personal data in the course of the procedures to be carried out;

      - as a user of the OÜ TRANSCRYPT platform, they perform the operations in person;

      - the information provided in the application, questionnaire and interview completed on the platform is correct and complete and they are aware of the consequences of providing false, misleading or incomplete information in establishing a business relationship;

      - agree to comply with the conditions necessary for the establishment of the business relationship established by OÜ TRANSCRYPT, for the identification of the customer and for the occasional conclusion of the transaction;

      - agree to the application of Estonian legislation;

      - agree to show in front of the camera the page of a valid travel document issued by a foreign state containing personal data to an employee of OÜ TRANSCRYPT;

      - are aware and agree that identification and verification by IT means will be considered a failure if the customer:

      - intentionally submitted data that does not correspond to the identification data entered in the database of identity documents or does not match the information or data obtained by other procedures;

      - during identification, questionnaire or interview, the session expires or the synchronized audio and video stream does not allow for digital identification and digital signing;

      - the recording of personal identification by means of information technology does not have a clear, high-quality, recordable and reproducible sound and image which is sufficient for a clear and reliable understanding of the data transmitted;

      - if they have not identified themselves by logging in to the OÜ TRANSCRYPT platform or confirmed the establishment of a business relationship on the OÜ TRANSCRYPT website or information system with information on the requirements and conditions for using information technology tools and agreed to the conditions for identification and verification by means of information technology;

      - refuse to follow the OÜ TRANSCRYPT instructions for identification of the person's face and document for framing the recording;

      - if the customer uses the assistance of another person to establish identity without the permission of OÜ TRANSCRYPT;

      - if OÜ TRANSCRYPT identifies a circumstance that indicates a suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing.