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We’ve gathered the most important information and frequently asked questions from our clients.

Account & Verification
Operations (Cryptocurrency & Fiat)
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Account & Verification

1. Which services does TRANSCRYPT provide?

Your Transcrypt Account allows access to the following Services:

Cryptocurrency wallet that allows Client to store and transfer supported Cryptocurrency units, access to Transcrypt Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, which allows exchange of Cryptocurrency into Fiat currency and vice versa on an open order-book, and Merchant Tools, which allows you to accept crypto payments Online and Offline.
You can access your Transcrypt account via Transcrypt Website.

2. How can I open an Account?

In order to be eligible to register a Transcrypt account and use our services, you must:

•Be 18 years or older of age

Reside in a supported area

•Own active e-mail address and phone number to confirm your registration.

3. How and why to verify my account?

After signing up for an account, your account has to be verified before you can use all the features of Transcrypt Account.
Transcrypt takes every measure to prevent fraud and be fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations for trading of digital assets.
For verification Client has to provide Identification Document, Selfie with the document, Proof of residence, Source of funds proof. Customer has to Fill in Clients Questionnaire.

In addition Video interview must be scheduled for Specific group of Clients.

4. Who and why must complete video interview?

Being regulated by Financial Intelligence Unit of Estonia, we are required to take a video interview of all our clients with the transactions turnover exceeding 15K EUR for the last 30 days and for all NON EU residents.

5. Can I open several accounts?

Transcrypt allows only one account per customer. If you have several accounts on Transcrypt we kindly ask you to withdraw or consolidate your balances on a single account.

6. Can I open business account?

Transcrypt allows to create corporate account.

To complete registration and verification of Business accounts Client has to submit business questionaire and required documents.

•Government issued Photo ID for each accessor and beneficial owner
•Proof of residence document for each account accessor and beneficial owner
•Company share registry
•Organizational chart displaying ownership structure, if your business entity is owned by another entity
•Proof of business operating address document showing the physical address of the company

7. Why I do not receive the confirmation email?

We kindly request you to check your junk/spam box. The emails might have landed there instead of your inbox.

Also, there might be an issue with your mailing server. It is recommended to add "" to your email safe list. Also, please check if any filters are set up on your account that mark emails from as read and send them to a separate folder.

If the issue is still not resolved you can always send a ticket to the support team for us to probe deeper into this matter and get it resolved. Make sure you mention that you have already done the above mentioned actions to speed up the investigation process.

8. Is my personal information safe and secured?

We may collect your Personal Information if you use and open an Account to use the Platform or perform any Transactions on the Platform. This is defined as collection for the purpose of provision of service(s) to you in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Please note that if you refuse to share your Personal Information for this purpose we will not be able to provide our services to you.

The types of Personal Information which we collect may include:
• your name;
• your photographic identification;
• details from your identity documents
• your address;
• your phone number;
• your e-mail address;
• your IP address, Browser and Operating System information, geolocation details;
• your date of birth;
• your employment details;
• your trades;
• information on sources of your funds;
• video footage identifying you.

We will process your Personal Information only for the purpose(s) of providing to you the service(s) that you ask us to provide you, to satisfy the legal obligations stemming from regulatory obligations that arise from providing you the service(s) and our legitimate interest.
Based on our legal obligations and legitimate interest we may request other documents for your identity verification and the sources of your funds confirmation for the purposes of money laundering and fraud prevention.

We may use your Personal Information for the following purposes:
• to allow you to open and operate an Account on the Platform;
• to enable you to complete Transactions on the Platform;
• if you contact us, to reply to your queries;
• to contact you via email or calls;
• to ensure security of your Account (for instance, if you make a request to disable 2FA on your account we can ask you to provide additional Personal Information to confirm your identity);
• to analyse use of our Sites;
• as required for regulatory purposes such as Tax, prevention of Money Laundering, prevention of Fraud.

Operations (Cryptocurrency & Fiat)

1. How can I fund my account?

Using bank transfers on is easy, and the whole process is quite straightforward. Currently Transcrypt supports only EUR transfers by SEPA. Before you start, check if you’ve verified your account. Only verified users can fund their Transcrypt accounts via wire transfer.

Successful wire deposit checklist:
• You’ve already verified your account
• You’ve used the correct payment details
• You’ve sent the money from your personal bank account

Funding your account by wire transfer is simple. But keep in mind that payments must be sent in your name. We can’t accept payments sent from people other than the account owner. If we receive payments from anyone else, we’ll have to transfer them back to the bank account that sent them. Note that bank charges will be applied in such cases, meaning that the bank account holder will receive back less than they initially sent.

2. How to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency?

In order to deposit cryptocurrency to your Transcrypt account, you need to send your funds from your external wallet to the Transcrypt wallet of corresponding currency. To check your wallet address please go to the OPERATIONS page, choose the option DEPOSIT and switch the tab CRYPTO. Alternatively you can do it in dashboard by clicking button next to the currency you want to deposit.

In order to withdraw your cryptocurrency from Transcrypt to another wallet, you should proceed to the OPERATIONS page and choose the Tab WITHDRAWAL and switch CRYPTO Tab. Alternatively, you can do it in dashboard by clicking button next to the currency you want to withdraw.

3. How can I withdraw my funds?

To make a withdrawal in Fiat proceed to OPERATIONS, choose Withdrawal in Fiat. Personal account users can make a withdrawal directly from their personal IBAN (0.25% fee, min 1 EUR).

To make a withdrawal in cryptocurrency proceed to OPERATIONS, choose Withdrawal in crypto. Please select the right currency, enter the withdrawal amount and recepient wallet address. The blockchain transaction fee and NETT withdrawal amount will be dispalyed. Make sure all the information is correct and than press PROCEED button.

4. Are my funds safe and secured on Transcrypt?

We provide fastest trading using modern technologies. No delays in order executions and most accurate quotes. Our trading platform is available around the clock and on weekends. ExpertOption customer service is available 24/7. We are continuously adding new financial instruments.

Trading and investing in digital options involves significant level of risk and is not suitable and/or appropriate for all clients. Please make sure you carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite before buying or selling any digital option.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

1. Which services are provided by TRANSCRYPT EXCHANGE?

Order-book. Your Transcrypt Account will provide you the access to Transcrypt Cryptocurrency exchange Platform and Order-book where you can buy or sell Cryptocurrency against FIAT and other crypto assets. Order-book contains a trading pair comprising the asset being traded (e.g. Bitcoin) and the asset in which trading is denominated (e.g. euro).

Orders and Trades. Your Transcrypt Account allows you to place an Order to buy or sell a specified quantity of Cryptocurrency at a specified price in FIAT or another crypto asset. You must have a sufficient balance of Cryptocurrency units or Fiat Currency in your Transcrypt Account to cover the total value of the Order plus any applicable fees.

2. Which Order types does Transcrypt offer?

Transcrypt supports the following orders types on the Platform: market order, limit order. Transcrypt may add additional order types. Limit orders may have different life time.

Placing of Orders. Client may place an Order in Transcrypt Order-book through Transcrypt Website, or API call (if applicable). Your valid Orders will be immediately placed on the relevant Order-book, and will be eligible to be matched with corresponding Orders placed by other Transcrypt Clients, at the relevant price and on a first-in-time priority basis, if not explicitly stated otherwise elsewhere – within other source governing the relations between Transcrypt and you.

Executed Trade. When an Order is matched, in part or in full, to one or more corresponding Orders, one or more Trades are executed (also known as “Fills”). The identity of buyer and seller is not disclosed to each other in the Trade process.

3. What is a market order (Taker)?

A market order is designed to be executed immediately. It is meant to buy or sell at the best available price in the order book (which you can view before placing an order). Note that this is different from the last traded price!
By placing a market order you’re NOT guaranteed the exact price you’re trying to buy or sell at. It all depends on what is available in the order book when your order is being executed.

If your Order is immediately matched with one or more corresponding Orders, you are a "Taker" and the Order will result in a Trade at the price of the pre-existing Order in the Order Book. Takers are charged a fee, which is automatically debited from the Taker's Transcrypt Account in the relevant quote currency.

4. What is a limit order (Maker)?

A limit order lets you buy or sell at a fixed price that you determine.
The advantage of limit orders over market orders is that you know what you will get in terms of price: limit orders guarantee you won't be matched with a worse price than what you specified.

You can also use limit orders to wait for the market to reach a certain price target, rather than just taking whatever is available in the present.
The disadvantage of limit orders is that there's no guarantee the order will completely fill (or fill at all).

If your Order is not immediately matched with corresponding Orders, you are a "Maker" and your Order will remain open in the relevant Order Book until either the Order is cancelled or expired, or the Order is matched to a corresponding Order and a Trade is executed.

Makers are charged a fee, which is automatically debited from the Maker's Transcrypt Account in the relevant quote currency.

5. What is order collateral?

Transcrypt blocks funds in your Transcrypt Account for any open Order. You can release the blocked funds by cancelling the Order without charge.

6. Why my order is executed partially?

Your Order may be executed in parts depending on the availability of corresponding Orders in the Order-book or Orders placed by other market participants as Taker Orders. Any unfulfilled remainder will remain as an open Maker Order in the Order-book until it is either cancelled or expired or matched to a corresponding Order.

7. How the trading fees are calculated?

Maker Orders and Taker Orders are charged a fee as a percentage of the Trade value, in the relevant quote currency. The current fees are posted at Transcrypt Website. By placing an Order on a Transcrypt Order-book, you agree to pay all applicable fees and you authorize Transcrypt to automatically deduct fees directly from your Transcrypt Account.

8. What does limit price mean?

The limit price is the price at which you want a limit order to be filled or better price.

• A limit order BUY can only be executed at the limit price or lower
• A limit order SELL can only be executed at the limit price or higher

The price you set for limit orders depends on how quickly you want the order to fill and on your opinion about where price will be in the future.

If you are willing to wait and think that price will move in your favor in the future, then just set the limit buy or sell price to where you think price will move in the future.

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