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Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Rate to USD

$ 27.89

ETC (-2.64%)

  • Low 24h

    $ 27.77

  • High 24h

    $ 28.89

  • Max Supply

    ETC 147,127,850.6

  • Market Cap

    $ 4.10 B

  • Hashrating algorithm


  • Proof type


  • Net Hashes Per Second


  • BlockReward


Ethereum Classic (ETC) aims to keep the Ethereum blockchain unchanged by the community that opposed the return of the DAO funds and the hard fork. It is gaining more traction, having started to trade on Poloneix. The ETC team believes in blockchains that are censorship-resistant, decentralized, and permissionless.

The original vision of the platform was a global computer running permanent smart contracts. It was to be a computer that could not be shut down. The Ethereum team believes in a strict separation of processes, where system forks only happen to correct system bugs, but not to satisfy special interests or bail out failed contracts. They believe in creating a censorship-resistant platform that everyone can trust.

Ethereum freely provides total difficulty and last block number, complete network hash rate, and total coins supply. The di- hard fork executed in 2017 in Ethereum Classic got rid of the difficulty bomb in Ethereum. The team does not plan to move to proof-of-stake algorithms like Ethereum; however, coders are developing a new PoS protocol for this platform. Ethereum Classic has a current supply of more than 114 million.

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