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Incent (INCNT)

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INCNT (-5.10%)

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    $ 0.02484

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    $ 0.02437

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    INCNT 0

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    $ 0

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Incent is a cryptocurrency that was so named because it aims to incentivize shopping for those who shop. Incent recognizes that loyalty schemes are an integral part of online retail, and Incent’s developers wanted to create a blockchain tool on the same theme. Users can accumulate points and it also lets them make purchases with the cryptocurrency.

Incent can also consolidate points from numerous brand loyalty schemes into one currency for the sake of convenience. Incent’s platform landed in the crypto market in 2016 and it can now be used through the INCNT Chrome extension.

Buy Incent with Transcrypt and invest in a cryptocurrency that offers an effective solution to having too many loyalty schemes. Buying Incent with Transcrypt could be an excellent investment.

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