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    TIME 710,112.8

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    $ 36.53 M

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Time is a crypto designed to reward workers for their work with its coin called the Hour Token (LHT). It‘s based on the Ethereum blockchain and is issued by a company called Chronobank. At the heart of the Time system is the familiar concept of smart contracts, this time being used to automate the tokenization of labor-hours. The idea is to automate the process of awarding workers for work done according to which country they live in. The Time token can be redeemed for actual labor-hours because it can be linked in a legally binding way to the traditional contracts issued by the companies offering work.

It makes a lot of sense to buy a practical coin like Time with Transcrypt before this non-volatile, inflation-resistant asset transfer technology takes off. If you buy Time with Transcrypt your portfolio will benefit from a cross-border system for rewarding workers that bypasses all of the traditional roadblocks associated with the movement of Fiat currencies.

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