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VeriBlock (VBK)

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$ 0.005918

VBK (4.00%)

  • Low 24h

    $ 0.005463

  • High 24h

    $ 0.006145

  • Max Supply

    VBK 0

  • Market Cap

    $ 0

  • Hashrating algorithm


  • Proof type

    PoP + PoW

  • Net Hashes Per Second


  • BlockReward


Launched in March 2019, the VeriBlock blockchain is an execution of PoP. It extends the security of bitcoin to other blockchains in the most economical and secure manner. It develops upon the DTTP principles of PoP and acts as an aggregation layer or security adapter between bitcoin and other blockchains.

Whenever an existing blockchain goes up in value or a new one joins the platform’s ecosystem, other blockchains in the ecosystem will benefit. This is through the additional decentralization and security stemming from the increased network effect.

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