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ZCash (ZEC)

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$ 22.87

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    $ 22.08

  • High 24h

    $ 23.72

  • Max Supply

    ZEC 15,119,562.7

  • Market Cap

    $ 345.83 M

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Launched in October 2016, ZCash has a current supply of more than nine million. This privacy-driven digital currency uses the Equihash algorithm, which is a memory-hard, asymmetric proof-of-work algorithm based on the standardized birthday problem. This privacy-protecting cryptocurrency stands on strong science. The team behind it believes that the future of money is private, decentralized, and digital. This is why transactions are totally private. ZCash transaction data, just like bitcoin data, is available in a public blockchain. Unlike bitcoin transaction data, however, your personal data remains completely confidential.

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