Rate to USD

$ 0.6872

EOS (-2.83%)

  • Low 24h

    $ 0.6835

  • High 24h

    $ 0.7143

  • Max Supply

    EOS 2,100,000,000.0

  • Market Cap

    $ 1.44 B

  • Hashrating algorithm


  • Proof type


  • Net Hashes Per Second


  • BlockReward


EOS is a decentralized platform for creating smart contracts and decentralized apps. The ones created to run on the EOS blockchain can do so without the need for transactions fees.
All the developer needs to do is stake a proportionate number of EOS tokens to execute host apps applications on the blockchain. This encourages self-sufficient app deployment. Computational power as apportioned according to the number of EOS tokens held and the total number currently in circulation.

Apps run more smoothly on EOS because it has parallel processing capabilities, using a dPoS system where 21 elected nodes are chosen to produce blocks. Node availability is constantly checked and if a node is not able to fulfil the minimum requirement of one block in 24-hour’s then it’s position is revoked.

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